Hansen’s regulary stocks a large range of both local and imported foliage lines.

Local foliages are seasonal and do change regularly.  Contact us or check out our latest specials list to see what is currently available.  We generally stock both non flowering and flowering foliage and filler lines.  Sometimes, we can get great bargains off the auction if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to ‘bulking’ up your bouquets and shop displays.

The majority of our imported foliages are available all year round.  Check out the import link on the below website and click on lookbook – foliages to see what is available.  Imported foliages are rigorously scrutinised by MAF and are therefore never guaranteed until we receive the shipment although it is rare for problems to occur.

Click here to see the varieties of Foliages that we can import

Click on 'lookbook' tropical orchids and foliages to see the current available product range imported weekly