There are a number of varieties of lilies available and there are a number of colours available within each variety.  Lilies are generally sold in 5 stem bunches and come to the market in their tight, closed bud form.  If you are an out of town customer wishing to use lilies in your wedding and function designs, please allow enough time for them to open.  This generally take 3-5 days depending on temperature and variety.  We will not freight them out of town in an open condition to  you.  If you are an Auckland customer, we will ‘babysit’ your lilies, managing their opening stages and removing the pollen stamens to minimise staining on the blooms.



The largest and most fragrant of the lily family.  Colours range from pure white, white pink blush, lemon, pale pinks right through to rich, deep fuchsia reds.  With the exception of white, the other colours may not be available from time to time.  Contact us for availability of your specific colour requirement. 

Asiatic lilies

No fragrance but this is made up for with their awesome colour range, vase life and durability.  Colours range from white, cream, lemon, a range of pink, reds , apricots and oranges.  Not all colours are available all year round.  Contact us for availability of your specific colour requirement.


Commonly know as the Christmas lily as they were generally only available in December.  The flowering period has now been extended but is still much shorter than our other lily varieties.  Colours range from pure white through to creamy whites and sometimes a rich, dusky pink.


Great colour range, bloom size and stem length in this classy lily variety.  Single trumpet style flowers borne onto stems, callas come in a fantastic range of colours.  Sold in 5 stem bunches.  Sizes can vary from very small through to quite large depending on the colour.  The flowering season is from October through to late May.  There is high demand for some colors through the wedding season so it pays to get your order in promptly once confirmed.

See below for some of the most popular colours available.