IMG_2455.JPGLush, tropical and sexy, Orchids are the ultimate glamorous bloom of the flower world.  From imported dendrobiums, locally grown miniature polymins, standard cymbidiums and the gorgeously sexy phaleanopsis, there is bound to be something suitable in this category.

Dendrobiums or Singapore orchids

Dendrobiums are an imported product and as such, have to go through the rigorous MAF quarantine procedures that this entails.  This can sometimes affect their quality.  It pays to order more bunches than are actually required.  We can assist you with tips to get the best from these beautiful orchids.

Download our orchid brochure to see what is available.  We require 7-10 days notice to ensure that we can procure your requirments. Orchids are not imported during the Christmas – New Year period each year. Please be aware that some varieties and colours may not be available for export to New Zealand.  Please ensure that you contact us to place the order for you.

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The super stars of the orchid world.  These orchids, available in both miniature (polymin) varieties and the larger standard varieties. These orchids are undoubtedly the superstars with regards to vase life.  They are incredibly hardy and can be worked into wedding designs and special orders either as stems or single blooms.  The colour range is incredibly varied and the availability of these fantastic orchids is increasing to almost 9 months of the year.


If there was a word for flower ‘bling’ this would be it. Phaleanopsis (or moth) orchids are undeniably the sexiest and most elegant variety of the orchid family. Available in both large and miniature varieties. The colours range from pure white, lemon/cream, minty green and a rich vivid fuchsia pink. Most colours can now be matched with a miniature to assist with wedding designs.
These orchids can be temperamental sometimes. We will advise you how to treat these stems and get the best life out of them.
Hansen’s only uses one main supplier of Phaleanopis orchids. It is advisable to have your order into us and confirmed as soon as you have made the decision to use them.