roses.jpgUndoubtedly the most recognisable and loved of all flowers.  Roses evoke the true meaning of romance, passion and love, particularly when used in weddings.

Roses are available all year round.  There is high demand for some colours and varieties during the busy wedding season which generally runs from September to April.  Prices are generally reflected by demand.  We try to use the auction system where possible.  If we feel that the volume required is not going to be on the auction, we will utilise our extensive grower network to ensure that you get what you need!

The colour range and varieties are vast.  We have tried to include as many images of the roses available to us as possible.  Should you not find what you are looking for, email or phone us.  We will be able to come up with a suitable substitute or alternative suggestion that would work with your colour scheme and budget.

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Take a look at the images below.  We have indicated if it is a small, medium , large or extra  large flower head.